Clean Dryer Vents before Replacing Clothes Dryer, says the Wizard of Manchester

Are you considering purchasing a new clothes dryer just because the one you have seems to be working less efficiently? Did you recently notice that it takes more than one cycle to dry a load? Do clothes feel hot when you remove them or do they have a moldy smell?

All these are signs that point to an air-flow and venting problem, not the clothes dryer. There isn’t a lot that can go wrong with a dryer as long as it has a proper dryer vent system, free from lint build-up. Venting and air-flow are the most essential items needed for a dryer to perform efficiently.

Proper venting prevents overheating as the heat escapes to the vent outdoors. Dryer lint is the culprit when air-flow is restricted. When the dryer ducts become clogged with lint, heat and moisture have no where to go; therefore, cannot escape the dryer drum which is full of your wet laundry.

Before replacing the clothes dryer, check your dryer vent system. It probably needs a good cleaning. Chances are, it will need to be replaced if it is not one that meets today’s safety standards. Manufacturers recommend semi-rigid metal instead of the vinyl and plastic type that was used in the past.

Another commonly made mistake is joining different sections of venting with screws that protrude to the inside, catching lint. The inside of the dryer vent system should be very smooth, to help prevent lint from sticking. Of course, all dryer vents require cleaning at least once a year to remove lint before it builds up.

When the dryer ducts are clogged with lint, the system over heats, the dryer labors and eventually, you could have a fire. The lint adds fuel to a rapidly spreading fire.

Dryer vent cleaning and proper installation of the dryer duct and exhaust system will ensure optimum air-flow for your clothes dryer to operate safely and efficiently. A properly vented dryer will not strain and over-work to do its job; therefore, saving energy and preventing a dryer fire.

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